THANK YOU FOR VOLUNTEERING TO WORK BACKSTAGE! We appreciate your assistance. Please read the information below. It will be discussed at the dresser meeting and all your questions will be answered. 


Dresser Information

1. Wear all black (shoes, socks, pants, shirt) Please, no logos.

2. Bring:             A. Scissors with a dark colored string tied around your neck.

                          B. 2 threaded needles- one black and one white, knotted and ready to use.            

                          C. 2 spools of thread- one black and one white

 3. You will be assigned a station:              

                         A. Dressers with a specific group:

                                         I. You must be at the theater at the  dresser call time, not the call time or your group. Please check all costume                                               items. If anything is missing or in need of repair, please inform the head dresser.

                                        II. You will meet your group at the backstage door. You will be signed in and when your entire group has                                                       arrived you will escort them to their dressing area. Let them put down their things and check every dancer                                                for nail polish and jewelry. When your group is called by the make-up crew, please escort them down to the                                              make-up room.

                                     III.You will stay with your group throughout the rehearsal or performance. Please keep them calm and quiet. The                                             Black Box is not sound proof and the sound does travel to the stage. Bring your group to the stage for both                                               their dance and their bow at the end of the ballet during full Public performances. Dancers will be brought                                               to the lobby after School Show performances. Assigned spots will be provided. Please stay with your group                                                 until the audience has dispersed and return as a group to the Black Box.

                                    IV. At the conclusion of the rehearsal/performance you will undress the dancers, dress them to go home, remove                                            all their stage make-up, and help them collect their belongings. A parent will meet each dancer at the glass                                                  doors.

                                   V. Dancers are not allowed to eat or drink in costume. All dancers should have a cover-up of some sort to wear                                              over leotards. Only water is allowed in the theater. No food or candy please. This includes dressers. Please see                                            the head dresser if there are medical exceptions to consider.

                                VI. Young dancers can get bored during rehearsals/ performances. You may consider bringing games, crafts, or                                                 coloring activities. Please no glitter, glue, markers, or paints.

                                VII. After all members of your group have been released, please organize the costumes for the next rehearsal/                                                    performance. Place items to be laundered in the laundry bin and help to straighten the black box or dressing                                             room. If there are missing costume items, items in need of repair, or more facial wipes are needed, please inform                                          the head dresser.

                 B. Dressers assigned to Stage Right, Stage Left, Mother Ginger, and general dressers (upstairs and downstairs):

                              I. Your call time is 1 hour prior to the show.

                             II. Please be ready for anything- panic, costumes falling apart, missing costume pieces, things breaking. Always remain                                    calm and help keep everyone backstage quiet. “Shhhhhhh” only makes more noise. Please simply ask people to be                                      quiet.

                          III. If you are Stage Right, Stage Left, or the upstairs dresser, you may need to assist a dancer with a quick change or a                                       difficult dress such a Mother Ginger.

                         IV. The upstairs and downstairs dressers are there to assist dancers with closing hooks and bars, zipping people up,                                            keeping a general sense of calm and assisting other dressers. Again, only water is to be consumed in costume and                                        then a cover-up must be utilized.

                        V. At the conclusion of the performance, please help dancers get out of costume, make sure that the laundry gets put in                                  laundry bins, and that the dressing rooms are tidy.

               C. Make-Up Assistants

                         I. Please arrive promptly at the Dresser Call time.

                        II. Please check in with the Head Make-up Assistant to receive your assignment. Duties include setting up the make-up                                    area, calling dancers for make-up, applying make-up, touch-ups during the ballet, and clean up of make-up area.

              D. Sewing Machine Assistants

                           I. Please arrive promptly at the Dresser Call time.

                          II. The sewing machines are in the Stage Left lobby. There will be a garment rack with costumes needing repairs. Be                                      prepared for Kathleen, other dressers, and dancers to bring you costumes in need of repair.  

4. All dancers/groups have a laundry bin. Please put all dirty socks, tights, trunks, leotards, and unitards in the laundry bin following all rehearsals and performances. At the conclusion of the final performance, only AVB leotards, trunks, and unitards will be placed in the laundry bins for cleaning. Dancers shall take home their own leotards, trunks, tights, and shoes after the last performance.

5. Please advise the head dresser of all costume items that need repair at the conclusion of all rehearsals and performances.

6. Once all of your duties are completed and you have checked in with the head dresser, you are free to go. If you have any questions, please call or text Tricia Wohlers.