Company members MUST strike after the show:

  • If you go to the lobby be brief

  • Pack up your things and place in the black box

  • Do your strike duty

  • No one leaves until released by K. Burnett

  • Strike should last 2 - 2.5 hours (7pm)

For a complete Inventory of Nutcracker Costumes, Props, and Scenery click HERE


Take Down the Stage: Ray Pica in Charge, Morgan Hertz, Myca Hertz, Kurt Horney, Andrew Hunt


1.       Take down items that go to Dance Magic First – Growing Tree, Party Scene backdrop, Snow Scene Backdrop – fold and place in plastic bags [Dance Magic]

2.       Take down Snow Cradle and Snow – put in labeled Storage bin [Dance Magic]

3.       Take Down Chandelier

4.       Take chair and chair dolly and put in doll box. Put throne in doll box as well. Take doll box out to the loading dock

5.       Take chandelier to loading dock

6.       Take sofa and sofa dolly, cannon, clock, etc. out to loading dock

7.       Load Truck - Load items to go to Dance Magic first – ballet barres, boutique bins, 6’ wooden Nutcracker, garment racks, tutus, all props, duvetyne. Load items to go to Palmdale Storage second: Chandelier, doll box, clock, sleigh, cannon, wood dowels for growing tree, faux presents, wheel barrow…Rented Act 2 backdrop to K. Burnett’s car

8.       Assist LPAC with Striking their items: Marley, Lighting Gels, etc.



Props: Tracie Marks in Charge, Mia Kei


1.      Pack all props in prop boxes and load onto trucks (see Prop List)

2.      Take down growing tree.

3.      Wooden cart to K. Burnett’s car


Headpieces: Clarissa Wohlers in Charge, Chloe Busbee, Jadelyn Cristalinas

Duties: Pack all headpieces in headpiece boxes and load onto truck to go to Dance Magic


Costumes (All costumes except tutus): Danika Hertz in Charge, Sarah Caudieux, Hannah Davis 


1.      Bring all costumes for Danika Hertz, leave headpieces and accessories for others

2.      Let others do tutus.


Costumes (Tutus Only): Danika Hertz in charge, Jessica Fisher, Jooeun Park, Tess Talbot


1.      Spray with secret spray and hang in wardrobe boxes

2.      Tutu List: Doll, Snow Queen, Snow Demi Soloist, Snow Corps Tutus, Spanish, Ribbon Lead, Dew Drop, Flowers, SPF


Costume Accessories: Brooklyn Juve, Emmeline Landreth

Duties: Gather all accessories and place them in accessories bin: All arm puffs, Spanish Boy red tie, etc


Gather CD’s, thumb drives, floppy disks and Gobos: Audrey Gibbs


Cleaning Dressing Rooms: Melynni Franz, Madison Goodwin


1.      Wipe down counter tops

2.      Clean Mirrors

3.      Take small trash bins and dump into bigger trash container in the hallway.

4.      Stack chairs upside down on counter so that the floor can be vacuumed.

5.      Ask LPAC is there is a vacuum cleaner – if so, use it!

6.      Check all bathrooms and make sure they are relatively clean.


Boutique: Faith Lee, Sarah Montez

Duties: Assist Boutique ladies with strike.


Unload Truck At Dance Magic: Kiara Cardenas, Hannah Davis, Andrew Hunt, June Patterson, Amber Stewart Bailey Vontoure

Duties: Load the truck to go to Dance Magic and unload the truck at Dance Magic


Unload Truck At Palmdale Storage Unit: Ray Pica, Morgan Hertz, Andrew Hunt

Duties: Load the truck to go to Dance Magic and unload the truck at Dance Magic