All casting for 2016 - 2017 is complete. Casting for our 2017 - 2018 season will be posted in September, 2017.

All casting decisions are at the sole discretion of the Artistic Director and are final.

Any cast changes /adjustments that need to be made will be done at the sole discretion of the Artistic Director.

All company members may understudy any role. Other cast members who wish to understudy must first receive permission to do so.


AV Ballet Company Members

Principal Character Artist

Linda Schasch

Principal Dancers

Lydia Boling, Sarina Lowe, Jesse Marks, Ray Pica,Victoria Patten, KD Reilly Lewis


 Cara Cartmill, Zak Chronis, Zarina Dhillon, Audrey Gibbs, Ava Griebel, Emily Mosher

Corps de Ballet

Cydnee Abaya, Jordan Beasley,Chloe Busbee, Alondra Cordova, Jordan Fowler, Madelynn Frame, Melynni Franz, Makenna Hertz, Morgan Hertz, Kurt Horney, Andrew Hunt, Mia Kei, Emmeline Landreth, Sarah Montez, Luke Mosher, Amber Stewart, Rigoberto Torres, Leia Zorba


 Emily Boudreau, Grace Calderon, Olivia Caudieux,  Tayler Hyman, Elanna Johnson, Felicity Jones, Brooklyn Juve, Faith Lee, Nicole Marshall, Jooeun Park, Violet Pinedo


Contemporary Dance 5 Casting

Tracie Phillips Ballet - Casting: Cydnee Abaya, Jordan Beasley, Cara Cartmill, Zak Chronis, Zarina Dhillon, Madelynn Frame, Audrey Gibbs, Mia Kei, Jesse Marks, Victoria Patten, Ray Pica


Peter and the Wolf

Peter ~ Luke Mosher

Bird ~ Victoria Patten

Duck ~ Audrey Gibbs

Cat ~ Zarina Dhillon

Grandfather ~ Zak Chronis

Wolf ~ Ray Pica

Meadow ~ Jordan Fowler, MaKenna Hertz, Madelynn Frame, Leia Zorba

Pond ~ Mia Kei, Jeeoun Park, KD Reilly

Hunters ~ Jordan Beasley, Morgan Hertz, Andrew Hunt